Your Vegetable Plots & The Soil

Having healthy plants and vegetable is the best feeling for every farmer. Your vegetable growing areas (plots) will most likely be square or rectangular places of exposed soil with the grass or pathways around them. These will need to be rotated and rested in your growing plan for a number of reasons which can be parasites, disease and the need for the ground to replenish and stabilize itself.
An open vegetable plot is an open wound in the ground. It is an area which has had it’s skin removed so the animals and organisms which normally live near the surface in the grasses, have either died off or gone deeper in to the soil to avoid the extremes of the weather or to escape being picked off by those that prey on them. These animals and organisms play an important part in the fertility of the soil at different levels and when they are removed, the soil in your vegetable plot will not function or may start to become sterile.
This is what happens to intensively farmed agricultural soil and the result is that it requires vast amounts of expensive man made fertiliser and chemicals to be applied every season to get any kind of vegetable crop from the farmers soil. Some of the agriculturist uses a machine which can actually compose a fertiliser for the plants which is the leaf mucher, this can also you get rid of the leaves that falling in your yard.

In the days before intensive agriculture, farmers would have masses of dry rotted animal fertiliser mixed with straw from their housed animals, and this would be applied during the dormant winter months to enrich the soil and feed the animals and organisms which enrich and stabilise the soil. They would then break down and digest this manure in to nutrients which would then feed their growing crops. Then after crops are grown each field would be rested and a ground covering crop of grass and clover or (green manures) to grow every 2nd or 3rd year, and these systems were used for hundreds of years until modern day agriculture has taken over.

Your vegetable plot is an open wound which is being washed of any remaining nutrients whenever it rains throughout it’s dormant time during the winter months. Unless you replace these nutrients with manure and organic material such as straw and rotting grass mulch, then your soil will also become like intensively farmed soil and will require huge amounts of expensive manmade fertiliser ┬áthat you can actually have in using a machine that can compose a fertiliser for your plants this can be found in Do you think this is a strange statement? Well think about it. Never in nature does this occur, never in nature does a bare patch of soil exist as it is instantly recolonised with varied plant life all of which add to the soil and protect it. Everywhere in nature the soil has a skin of plant life that is absolutely covered and riddled with life from bacteria to all kinds of insects and invertebrates which are regulating the soil and its nutrients.

It is no accident that the richest of soils are those of natural woodland which have their own little eco system. Take this skin away and do not replace it with something and the elements will just wash the soil.
Even if the soil is covered with the grass sod which is dug up and turned over and then replaced, this would still form some kind of soil covering (a very good one) and this is how people grew their vegetables not so long ago which obviously worked. Vegetables growing through the upturned grass so the skin was still in place protecting the soil and your growing vegetables but also suppressing weed growth.