Why do we choose Pole Dance?

Greetings to all lovers of Pole Dance – dance on the pole, dance, where incredible strength combines with fantastic grace and plasticity, the dance that conquers the world! This question is looked for by the answer, rather, those who still doubt – to try or not to try. We have already decided everything for ourselves, have not we? see this.

Pole Dance is incredibly feminine, sexy and beautiful. Dance on the pylon is the direction that separated from the striptease, so it’s no wonder that near the pole any girl looks especially tempting!
A lively interest in pursuits. As a rule, most people quit playing sports, because it’s hard and boring. In Pole Dance like – a rarity! Plus, difficulties with stunts motivate to engage in general physical. Preparation. And how can you do this without the flag?:) Dance on the pylon is amazing and unusual. “All women as women, and I -queenPoleDancer! ยป ๐Ÿ™‚ At the first lessons you master the simplest of rotations, tricks and poses. The simplest from the point of view of great sport, but for friends and husband (guy) it will look weird! Powerful muscle pumping and weight loss! It flows from the second point. Great enthusiasm and motivation to do wonders with the figures of girls! Do you dream about cubes on the press? With the pylon this will happen by itself:)

Let’s practice Pole Dance together!

Are you looking for a video tutorial on Pole Dance? Maybe you want to watch the performances of the champions and recharge their energy? Or are you interested in preparing the body for exercises on the pylon? All this is here!

The section “Pole Dance Lessons” offers you educational materials on the development of tricks, rotations and their bundles. In the category “Pole Dance elements” you will find a photo of the tricks on the pole with the description: the complexity, the exit scheme, the necessary preparation. The title of the section “The Best Dancers” speaks for itself. Information about the stars of the dance on the pylon.I advise you to visit the rubric “Useful Articles” . There are collected materials, one way or another related to pylon sports: general physical. Preparation, nutrition, how to deal with bruises and so on. The “Watch Pole Dance” section is dedicated to video performances. Only quality rooms, no GMOs!:)

Teaching pole dance video (lesson) on the element “Slingshot” (raznozhka, zakid, coup and so on). Some tips: In the beginning, try making the element below, from the floor. Pull the knees bent at the knees to the chest as close as possible. The more straight your legs are, the harder it is to make a pole dance element “Slingshot”. Try as tight as possible to pinch the pylon under your arm, stuck directly. One of the obvious advantages of this pole dance trick is that it can be performed from the bottom, without climbing high on the pylon. Level: Continuing / Experienced Strength: 5 out of 10 Stretching: 6 out of 10. It looks best when there is a full twine. Level: advanced / professionals Power: 5 out of 10 Stretching: 7 out of 10. Absolutely free twine is required, very desirable minus.