How to prevent high blood pressure : All Truth About Health

A team work of patient and doctor controls high blood pressure effectively. Mutual understand in preparing a timetable and daily routines are essential part of high blood pressure treatment. Let us discuss some factors that can prevent high blood pressure causes.

  1. Maintain normal weight. We need to maintain healthy weight to prevent high bp.
  2. Exercise daily. We need to be active.
  3. Proper diet is an inevitable part of high blood pressure prevention. We need to follow a healthy eating plan by including necessary nutrients and avoiding caffeine, alcohol etc.
  4. Sodium increases blood pressure. So we need to avoid high sodium intake. We may achieve this by using less salt.
  5. Use medicines according to our health care provider’s instructions.

Unnoticed High Blood Pressure signs can be a ‘silent killer’. Monitoring blood pressure periodically controls high blood pressure effectively. We can take our family member while visiting our health care provider. This may help us to easily fix a blood pressure control plan in our life.

We can easily control hypertension by being active. It doesn’t need much effort. We need to do half an hour of moderate level physical activity daily. We can walk, ride a bicycle or run to keep our self active. Swimming and water aerobics are effective high blood pressure medications. We need to do this for 30 minutes daily. Using stairs instead of lift, parking car a little from our office etc are indirect exercises that can prevent high blood pressure.

Proper eating habits are key factor to control hypertension. DASH diets are major part of High blood pressure treatments. DASH stands for ‘dietary approaches to stop hypertension’. Food items with low cholesterols, low total fatty acids, and low saturated fat can prevent hypertension. We need to use vegetables and fruits to control blood pressure. We can use lower calorie food if we look for weight loss. Natural diet is always good option. We must try to substitute high calorie food with low calorie items. We cannot change our eating plans suddenly. It is always better to change diet plan gradually. We can decrease unwanted things and increase nutrients gradually. We can use low fat fruits as deserts and snacks.

We need only 2.5 grams of sodium from 6 grams of salt daily. But it is seen that many people use double the amount. This may increase chance for hypertension.

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