crossbow targets

While anything can be used as your target, know that not all targets are created the same, there are targets intended for practicing and perfecting your aim and there are targets that are meant to simulate what it would be like if your bolts were to hit an animal.
Of course, finding a suitable target is tricky as there are several factors to consider before buying one: ease of removing the arrow, portability, and its stopping power.
In this article, we will be discussing the two kinds of crossbow targets and how each type can help you in perfecting your aim.

Bag Targets: The most basic and common kind of target, the large surface is perfect for novice hunters. This kind of target is meant to withstand repeated hits, bag targets are usually filled with synthetic materials which make it perfect for holding and removing your arrow easily, and because of the kind of material used, it doesn’t damage your arrow easily compared to that of bales of hay. Although bag targets can withstand several uses, it’s recommended that you only use field points because broadheads can get stuck in bag targets. Because of it’s heavy weight, many archers and hunters alike find it awkward to use bag targets which is why many prefer to use it indoors. Check this out

Foam Block Targets: Portable, durable, and perfect for light bows, foam block targets are layered meaning it will use friction to stop your arrow and preventing its tips from breaking, while you may use any any type of bow for foam block targets, know that bows with heavier draw weights may find it annoying to pluck your arrows after a round of shooting. Because it’s lightweight, this makes foam block targets easier to carry and move around especially outdoors and even inside, although you might spend some time removing the arrows. The lifespan of a foam block target not only depends on the kinds of arrows you use but also your stance.

3D Block Targets: Realistic models of animals (both living and extinct) that will show you where and how the arrow will hit your intended target. These 3D targets are perfect for those who want to improve their accuracy for the next hunting season, know how an arrow will enter the animal from a certain stance, or for those who simply want to practice for hunting tournaments. One downside of these realistic models is that they tend to fall apart from repeated use although you can replace the worn parts easily. What makes these 3D models unique from their traditional counterparts is that these models will show you the animal’s vital parts and also help you understand the point system that is being used in competitive archery.

While some people may opt to make their own targets, remember that you should make safety your number one priority when it comes to making your own targets, understand what materials are used and what qualities each kind of target possesses before you make your own. Take your time in picking the right materials for your own target before making one, also, it’s not enough that a do-it-yourself target should just hold one arrow or wear out after one use.