Best portable hot tubs review

With so many options in buying an inflatable hot tub, it’s not surprising to get confused with the myriad of choices available in the market today, remember it’s more than just the design or color of the hot tub you’re after.
Worry no more as we’re here to give you the best portable hot tubs for your budget:

Canadian Spa Co.: True to its promise, the models from the Canadian Spa Co., are more than just for show! Touted as the most durable hot tubs, these hot tubs can be used in almost any weather condition, yes – even during winter! Depending on the model, portable hot tubs from Canadian Spa Co., can accommodate anywhere between 4 to 6 people (depending on the size of the person). When deflated, it’s compact enough to be placed inside your car’s trunk and take it with you anywhere, it also comes with an insulating cover where you can use it to retain the heat in your hot tub privacy or keep debris away when you’re not using it.

Blue Wave: Light and portable, this portable hot tub from Blue Wave can accommodate 4 people at the same time, at 51 pounds (without water) this is one of the lightest portable hot tubs available today, this inflatable hot tub is also designed with quick setup and portability in mind, the package also includes a solar blanket that you can use to help lock in the heat in your hot tub together with the cover.

Avenli: If you’re a little short on budget then this portable hot tub is for you, at 65 pounds (uninflated) this portable hot tub is perfect for those who like to travel or move around often, because of its faux leather exterior, it helps retain the heat more easily. It can accommodate 3 adults and 2 children and can hold 190 gallons of water. Because of its consistent heating rate, you’re sure to enjoy relaxing in this inflatable hot tub after a long day at work.

Coleman Lay-Z Spa : A favorite among consumers, the hot tub models from Coleman have been tried and tested over time. This hot tub comes equipped with digital controls and has 120 bubble jets, perfect for relaxing after a long day at work; the bright green color is sure to lift your mood and turn your frown upside down. The Lay-Z Spa from Coleman can allow up to 4 people inside and has a padded ground cover to help seal in the heat longer especially during cold days or nights. It includes everything you need to help you get started with your own spa at home.

Intex PureSpa Series: Another favorite among consumers is the Intex PureSpa series, compared to basic inflatable hot tubs, the hot tubs from Intex are made of high quality materials and meant for heavy duty use, moderately priced, the hot tub comes with all the things you need to (yes, including test kits for your water) have your personal hot tub in the comfort of your own home, it also includes a bag which allows you to store your hot tub when not in use or if you want to take it with your during your trip.