Antique Hand Tools for Your Car

As hand tools manufacturers have pushed the evolution of tools used for general repairs to new levels, antique hand tools have become not only items for collectors, but also a cheaper way to effectively complete repair tasks without having to pay exorbitant amounts of money for the newer, high technology devices. Mirror Finish Detail The classification of antique hand tools encompasses a wide variety of different types of tools. Some of these tools have simply been improved and the older models have become obsolete, while in other cases the tools have stopped being functional as their purpose has been evolved. One example of the latter reason is when square nuts and bolts stopped being used in favor of rounded or hexagonal nuts and bolts. This led to the specific wrenches used for square bolts no longer being effective for making general repairs. An example of a tool that has evolved is the case of vise grips. Newer locking mechanisms have made the devices more stable and construction using better materials has extended the life of these products.

Although modern tools may be more efficient when completing automotive repairs, antique tools can still be used for the same purpose. With a minor repair, such as changing the oil in a vehicle, the antique types of tools may actually be better adapted to the purpose than newer tools. Using an antique oil filter wrench is still just as effective as modern versions of the tool. In addition, some areas of automotive repair have changed little over the years and antique power tools and hand tools are very well suited to completing these jobs. Basic body work, such as repairing minor dents and dings are often completed with a rubber mallet, the same way that they were done many years ago. Thus an antique mallet could be a good solution to making this type of repair.

While many of the original manufacturers of antique repair equipment have gone out of business, there are still some that exist, albeit with newer products. Sears Roebuck is an excellent example of this type of company. Sears started by offering products available by mail order, but then expanded into actual retail stores. Since 1886 the company has offered consumers a wide range of goods, including tools for automotive and other repairs. In fact, they have held a tradition of supplying some of the best tools available on the market. Another, more modern manufacturer is Union Hill Antique Tools. This company is devoted to the preservation of antique tool models and continue to produce repair equipment in the antique style.

A person who is interested in acquiring antique types of tools can find them from a number of places. In the case of such modern manufacturers like Union Hill, the devices can be simply ordered online. Another cheaper option is to search for these tools at garage or yard sales where a person may be selling them due to their perceived lack of function in today’s modern tool era. Antique hand tools may also be purchased from other collectors, but this method is decidedly more expensive than finding them from other locations as collectors know the true value of the items.