How to drink wine like a real connoisseur

Wine tasting has always been a reflection of overfill as well as commenting on it. The wine drinking was always related to the middle class, it was a status symbol and an expensive hobby. If you like to talk about wines, here are some tips on how to drink wine in the right way.

Look at wine, especially around the edges

By tending the glass on the side you can see how the color of the beverage changes from the edges to the center. Try to put your glass on some clear, white background, this way you will see its true color better.

Pay attention to the nuance and purity. Intense, deep and saturated colors are not always a quality indicator. White wines become darker as they grow old. Red wines lose color by passing into some varieties of brown and forming a dark residue at the bottom.

Shake a glass of wine

The point of making small vortexes in the glass is the same as with the use of a decanter so that the larger wine surface is in contact with the air. In this way, fragrances and aromas will appear and reach directly to your nose.

Smell the wine

At first, you should bring the glass to your nose. Finally, put your nose in the cup. Give yourself the pleasure of the scent.

Take a swallow of wine

While degustation of wine, you should spit out the swallow of wine. Hold it and let it pass through your mouth and touch all the palate. Enjoy the tastes you feel. Pay attention to the wine texture and other sensations such as the appearance of weight and fullness. Spit out the swallow if you plan to consume more wine that evening.

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Inhalation in the glass

Apply your lips as if you are about to whistle and put them in the glass. Then breathe the air through your mouth and breathe out through your nose. This will release the flavor of the wine, and bring them to your nose where it will be detected. Then take a new swallow, but enter some air with it. Don’t make any noise, of course, while lapping up the wine. Pay attention to the differences in tastes and texture.

Write down your experience

It doesn’t matter which terminology you will use. Your impression of the wine is important and how much you like it. By writing you will pay attention to all the details of the wine. You will have a record of what you liked about some wine so you can still combine it with your favorite meal and depending on the mood.

The wines have four basic components: tastes, tannins, acidity, and alcohol. Some wines also have sweetness, but it is only present in dessert wines. Good wine will have balance in all four components. Time will soften tannins and reduce acidity as it will go through chemical reactions involving acid decomposition. The dominance of the fruit will collapse, and the alcohol will remain the same. It is good to know these things while tasting.