The better the bad you get if you do these things

Every day, women also skin, make up, but you are sure the way to apply is true? List them for the four mistakes that make the girl more beautiful the worse! It is unbelievable that these beautiful ways of life seem to have a terrible effect on the skin. Sister, please do not go away soon!

1. Blackhead peel with acne peeling
Surely there are many sisters using this way to destroy blackheads. But few know, using acne peeling cleanse to get rid of blackhead quickly but it is not suitable for face. By the time you peel off, your skin has to suffer a great deal. To prevent blackheads, you can use homemade masks, or steam, to dilate pores and remove dirt or try for a natural way hereĀ This will take off all the unwanted black spots on your face, by peeling off the maskĀ  on your face, all the dirt and white heads will be taken off also. This will clear your face leaving it smooth and fair.

2. Only use lotion when dry
Many people think that only when the skin feels dry, new tension should apply moisturizer. This is very wrong, you use skin lotion twice a day to keep skin healthy. If you feel too greasy and creamy after applying the cream, then you have not chosen the right cream. Please note this! Using lotion will moisturize your skin and this will give your skin smooth and nice fragrance. This Natural way of doing a beauty remedy will help you a lot in maintaining a beautiful young looking skin. Another tip to moisturize your skin is to drink a lot of water or at least 8 glasses a day. You may also try eating fruits and vegetables that are rich in vitamins.

3. Apply mask regularly
Currently, there are many types of skin care masks , both homemade masks and masks available on the market. Admittedly, masking skin care is a very necessary work, helping skin to provide nutrients and anti-aging skin later. However, if you overuse the mask every day, the consequences are very serious. That will make your skin weak, lose the ability to protect from the impact of the environment. To fix you need to mask 2 – 3 times a week. This will give you a natural results in taking care of your skin and will leave your skin glowing and is smooth and soft. Applying mask regularly will clean your skin from having black heads and oily face that you may get from exposing the sun everyday when you needed to go to work.

4. The more expensive the better?
Many sisters always have the thought of “any money,” the more expensive the cosmetics, the better. However, many affordable but good quality home products. You need to choose a product that has ingredients that are suitable for your skin, not for labeling, “crowd effect” or its luxurious outer shell. It’s not really necessary that the more expensive the product is the more it was effective. It sometimes can be more harmful than you think that’s why most of the women out there prefer to use natural ingredients to have a better result.…